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John Gunn is the best trainer I have ever worked with. His workouts are fun and energizing, he pays close attention to my form, offers great adjustments, and gathers lots of feedback during and after our sessions to help him craft the next session. Each series that he creates is unique and allows me to reach new heights in my strength training. I started seeing results in a very short period of time and with no pain or soreness. I am currently 8 months pregnant and I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life! I have really appreciated all of the research and care that John has put into crafting workouts for me because I feel like he pushes me to my limit each time while respecting the limitations that I have due to pregnancy. Not to mention, his encouragement throughout the sessions is super energizing and his playlists are killer. John is an incredibly attuned, humble, and bright personal trainer. I couldn't give him a higher recommendation!


Lauren R.

After months of holing up inside the house, growing complacent with never being in shape again, all my muscles were in dire need of reactivation! John Gunn's classes have infused me with motivation, energy, and much needed fresh air! The classes are fun and John is very professional, attentive, and motivational, and the variety of exercises in each class keeps me on my toes. When I think I can’t lift my arms up one more time, or can’t possibly do one more squat, he provides the encouragement to push through. Being outside in a park setting, getting a workout, and being around positive energy and people is so important right now. I’m thankful that FSF is not only available, but taking necessary precautions to work out in a safe environment. 

- Melissa R.


I started going to John's training about a month ago and must say, it is an excellent experience. Previously, I have been hesitant about workout regiments or training because they were in claustrophobic gyms with drill instructors yelling at you. This is the absolute opposite of that. John's training sessions are in the fresh air, at a beautiful park, under the shade of trees. The exercises are challenging and rewarding. The program is fun, interactive, and pushes you but is also light-hearted and easy-going. I never associated working out with fun, and now I have learned that I was just doing it wrong. John Gunn PT is a great way to train like an athlete and encompasses a full workout that's great for the body and the soul. Thanks, John for being a great leader!

- Richard R.

I have never done a workout class before trying out John Gunn’s group training in the park. I will admit I was intimidated showing up the first day, but John made sure to welcome me and introduce me to everyone else in the class. It was a great experience and I have been coming back three days a week ever since. The workouts are always different, and he always has different sized weights so I can go at my own strength. John is great about giving encouragement to push harder and keeps an eye on everyone to make sure they have good form. I look forward to each workout and feel great afterward. My strength and endurance have improved as well. I am happy to have a new routine that is fun, challenging and rewarding.

- Jeffrey A.

Jeffrey A.
Biz K.

I’m a soccer player & a long distance runner so I like to be fit, but I despise the typical gym environment. The amount of equipment and learning how to use it properly is intimidating. While I’m used to a cardio routine, I knew I needed to incorporate regular strength training for optimal fitness. John’s classes at the park, which I’ve been attending weekly for a couple months now, are SOOO perfect for so many reasons. For one, being outdoors in nature is so therapeutic & beneficial & definitely beats being inside a sweaty gym. Also the small group environment allows for personalization. Most importantly, John teaches the correct & safe ways to use the equipment to prevent injury & get the most out of the workout. There are varied options in the weights & movements designed to meet our individual abilities. It’s a personal training experience in a small group setting. Plus the music playlists are all amazing! The workouts are not easy but they are super fun! Even though I get sore, I’ve never suffered an injury. The days & times of the classes are really convenient for my schedule.

- Elizabeth K.

I have been training with John for several months now and have really enjoyed working with him. He is very professional and helpful. When my friend Joey found John’s circuit training program on Instagram I was elated to finally get a consistent and fun workout. It’s actually much better for me than just working out at the gym. I love being outdoors and socially with new people. John gives us a variety of different exercises so it’s never boring and always helps us to correct our posture to ensure we are doing the exercises properly to get the most out of our workouts. It has really brightened my days going to his workouts because I get to hang out with my friends and laugh while working out. John is always warm and friendly and easy to be around. I am so happy to have found such a fun and affordable way to get in shape! Cheers to John Gunn!

- Caitlin C.

JR head shot 1.JPG

Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. John’s fitness program was exactly what I was looking for - strength training not only to increase strength, but to also improve muscle tissue, maintain bone density and overall better balance, flexibility and good health. I really enjoy the variety of training equipment that we use during our workouts, from kettlebells, resistant bands, TRX, battle ropes, weight balls, body weight, etc. He makes it fun and it is perfect for all fitness levels. I also really enjoy working out at the park while breathing fresh air and surrounded by trees and good people. Highly recommend!

- Jacqueline R.

I was struggling with creative ways to maintain my strength and fitness routine once my gym shut down. But from kettlebells to training ropes, John has figured out a way to provide the same variety in equipment and workouts to the neighborhood park, all in a socially distanced and responsible manner. He helped customize my workouts around a pre-existing shoulder injury, and over the course of just a few months I've regained so much strength and mobility! No two classes are the same, the flexibility in class days/times is awesome, and scheduling via app is a breeze. I even bring my dog to the park to watch me workout! Golden Hill is lucky to have FSF.

-Lindsay N

Lindsay N; outdoor workout
yoga, instructor, wellness

John’s classes at the park are truly a breath of fresh air! The classes are challenging while also maintaining a fun, safe and non-intimidating atmosphere. John is knowledgeable and encouraging which is great motivation for someone like myself who is generally wary of lifting weights. I’ve so enjoyed working out with this community - it’s been a great addition to my physical/mental health care these past few months!

Christine C.

Health and fitness have always been a priority for me. I am pretty picky about what gyms and workouts I invest in. I have tried them all. I found myself stuck in a rut. Then I saw John's group working out in the park and decided to give it a try! I have absolutely loved attending classes regularly. He does a great job of mixing up the movements and providing feedback on my form. I love the community aspect and look forward to going every morning! I am really grateful for this community during this challenging time!

Aleah R.

group class, personal trainer, health
couple workout, group training, fitness

My now husband and I started working out with John leading up to our wedding in October and it was the best thing we could have done! John's classes are the perfect blend of challenging and varied, so that you never get bored and can see improvements quickly. With gym's not an option, John helped us push ourselves and feel our best on our big day and heading into married life. We honestly may never go back to the gym!

Rachel M.

John Gunn’s park workout classes have been a bright spot in an otherwise muggy year. I didn’t realize how much I missed group exercise until I jumped into these classes that include an inspiring community, diversity of classes, challenging workouts and of course plenty of visiting dogs to pet. I am happy to see that classes continued to be socially distant with hand sanitizer at every station and being outside gives my family peace of mind that I’m staying safe during some challenging times. I look forward to the classes at least 3 times a week and John’s pricing is easily some of the best in the neighborhood.

Brian L.

Brian, yoga, strength, group fitness
woman, personal training, workout

John is a great communicator, makes workouts fun and tailored to your goals. I had never done a strength training program before working out with John and now I will never stop, there have been too many changes to my overall health and fitness.

I have been working out with John for a year now. When I started with him, I was about 15 lbs. overweight, clothes were starting to not fit, had a spare tire around my middle section and felt like an old lady getting out of bed in the morning--my joints were stiff and I frequently had back and neck pain. I remember my first session I could barely complete some of the bodyweight exercises and was shocked at how de-conditioned I had become.

In a short period of time, the neck and back pain went away and I haven't had a problem since. I feel like I am in the best shape I have been in a long time, lost some weight, gained muscle, overall stress management is better, lost the spare tire and feel more confident.

This is the best thing one can do for themselves--invest in yourself, you deserve it!

Vanessa D.

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